Turos Pustaka: Building a Bridge for Indonesian Islamic Literacy

Turos Pustaka is not just an ordinary book publisher. Our dream is to become a literacy bridge for Indonesian Islamic civilization. By presenting quality and inspirational books and various other literacy activities, we want to make a small contribution to a better footbridge for Indonesian civilization.

Realizing 100,000 titles by 2045 is our goal as well as our spirit in carrying out and developing the publications. This dream is what always spurs us to keep going. Of course, this is not just a matter of the numbers produced, but what is equally important is the quality of the books and their impact on the Indonesian people.

Turos Pustaka is present as a bridge to translated Islamic library treasures from all over the world into Indonesian. Focus on publishing translated books by scholars from the 8th century to the contemporary day. Among the works of scholars that have been translated include the genres of tasawuf, tawhid, seerah, hadith, akhlaq, fiqh, psychology, Arabic grammar, and several others genres.

We believe that many people want to be able to enjoy a variety of foreign books but are constrained by language problems. Therefore, Turos Pustaka is committed to presenting translated books as well as maintaining the best quality. Hopefully, this endeavour can bring blessings and benefits to Indonesian.

However, we are aware that to make this dream come true, we can’t just walk alone. That’s why we always try to get as many people involved as possible. We are very happy if you are willing to join the Turos Pustaka literacy movement and ecosystem.

Our catalogue can be found here.